About Married with Fitness

About us

We are Willis and Jessica, parents of two beautiful boys and newly found nutrition and fitness lovers. We were terrible eaters and no where close to fit. I(Willis) had a peak weight of over 300 pounds, for the sake of my marriage I will not disclose Jessica’s peak weight. I had reached a low weight of 180 pounds by simply making changes to my every day lifestyle. Not starting with big changes, just small steps that slowly built into bigger changes. I now work out over two hours a day and am trying to hit under 15% body fat, all by taking my first step of quitting soda. That was literally the first thing I did and it slowly progressed into something I could never dream of.

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Our Goals

I never thought I would be pushing my body to these limits. I simply wanted to eat healthier to live longer for my children. Jessica and I’s workout discipline isn’t for everybody, but our nutrition is. We didn’t use diet pills, diet drinks, or starving ourselves to lose weight. We just started eating better(not less) and moving more. We slowly changed our nutrition and slowly changed how much we move and it progressed. We found it difficult to learn about weight loss from people that had never been extremely overweight, so we learned and taught ourselves. Having been at a point in our lives where a healthy life wasn’t within our reach and we are now positive examples for our children.

Our blog

Our Blog is dedicated to sharing how we put an unhealthy lifestyle behind us and what we have learned along the way. We want to share with our audience the knowledge we have attained, and the myths that we have fallen for, about weight loss. Our Blog will be updated with the small steps we learned in the beginning and slowly progress into what we do now. We will be starting with nutrition and small workouts so there will be a lot of our favorite recipes and food “hacks”, and also posts about just starting to workout. We keep up to date on our comments so if there are any questions simply comment and we will be glad to get back with you. For updates subscribe to our email!