Fitness Dates for the Fitness Couple

Fitness dates

Whether it be a first date or a much needed night out scheduling a date night of dinner and a movie can seem mundane to a fitness loving couple. Planning a date geared towards fitness can bring new life to your dates or help you learn a lot about a person you are just getting to know. Plan these fitness dates for your next evening out and learn something new about your partner!

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indoor Rock Climbing

married fitness dates nutrition

Rock Climbing for fitness is a great full body workout that burns up to 900 calories an hour! Climbing together can be a great way to encourage your partner to do things they have never achieved before, and vise versa! Many climbing gyms have very well priced day passes with shoe and chalk rentals, no need to buy all the equipment!

Yoga Class

married fitness dates yoga

Scheduling a Yoga class for your next fitness oriented date can give you and your partner the relaxing time you need. An hour of Yoga can burn up to 600 calories depending on the type of Yoga you participate in. Even if you are a regular at home Yoga participant taking a class can teach you new moves and help you overcome any barriers you had before.


married fitness dates bowling

The flexing and stretching in bowling works tendons, joints, ligaments, and muscles in the arms. All of these burn calories and help promote weight loss. And bowling is just fun. Try to stay away from the beer and nachos to keep this one a healthy date.

Salsa Dancing class

married fitness dates dancing

The fast paced movements of salsa dancing can burn over 400 calories an hour and teach you new movements. If you are looking for a date with loads of fun and a great way to get close to your partner salsa dancing should be your choice for a fitness date. If salsa music isn’t your taste there are many different forms of dance that promote constant movement and burn just as many calories.

Cooking Class

married fitness dates cooking

Nutrition is a major part of fitness and cooking your own food is an absolute must for any fit couple. Signing up for a cooking class can teach you and your partner about working together as a team and teach you new things about your food. Be sure to find a class that prepares dishes in tune with your nutrition program. Not only will you have a great learning date but dinner is included!


married fitness dates hiking

Hiking is a great frugal date that doesn’t have the appearance of being inexpensive and can burn over 500 calories an hour! A beautiful hike through nature can be as relaxing as it is enjoyable. Wearing the proper clothing is a must for any hiking trip, and don’t forget water and plenty of healthy snacks.

Whatever your idea of a fun date it doesn’t have to be sitting around and eating unhealthy food. Impress your partner with a well planned fitness date that you both will remember. Follow our Instagram(Willis, Jessica) for more fitness dates and family fitness ideas!married fitness nutrition lose weight married fitness nutrition married fitness nutrition married fitness nutrition married fitness nutrition

Fitness Dates fir the Fitness Couple
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Fitness Dates fir the Fitness Couple
Try these fitness dates in place of the boring dinner and a movie evening!
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