Cheesecake: A Healthier Alternative

Cheesecake married fitness nutrition

Cheesecake is undeniably a dessert that is difficult to say NO to. With this simple recipe you can eat cheesecake guilt free, and it only takes a couple of minutes to whip together! With only one ingredient containing sugar you can indulge with this dessert. No need for baking and no need for complicated ingredients. This healthier dessert will be loved by all. Adding your favorite fruits brings this dessert to life!

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This cheesecake recipe is so easy our children could prepare it, and you won’t be loading them full of sugar! This dessert will easily fit into any diet program without adding loads of calories.

cheesecake married fitness nutrition


One container of Sugar Free Cool Whip
Two small boxes of Sugar Free Jello Cheesecake Pudding
One Tablespoon of Vanilla Extract
One Single Serve container of Greek Yogurt (We used strawberry cheesecake flavor for this recipe)
Graham Crackers (optional)
Fresh Fruit (optional)


Mix Cool Whip, Greek Yogurt, Pudding Mix, and Vanilla Extract in a bowl.
Once evenly mixed scoop back into Cool Whip container.
Let set in the fridge or dig in right away!

Top with fresh fruit and crushed graham crackers and serve! It is that simple. This recipe can be made as a quick dessert or leave in the refrigerator for later. Try Blueberry Greek Yogurt with fresh Blueberries or any other favorite combination and this cheesecake will never get boring. Comment below and let us know what flavor combinations you tried!

With summer just around the corner try placing a scoop between two graham cracker and freeze for 15 minutes to create an ice cream sandwich, place a strawberry in the middle of the sandwich for an added treat!

cheesecake married fitness nutritioncheesecake married fitness nutrition

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