Ice Cream: A Guilt Free Healthier Alternative

Guilt free Ice Cream!!
married fitness ice cream nutrition

We didn’t get to the weight we were by not loving ice cream. One of the most difficult foods to give up was that delicious frozen treat. It wasn’t like we were never going to eat ice cream again, but you restrict yourself from something for any given period of time you want it. You think about it all the time. When we gave up the amount of ice cream we used to consume I knew I had to come up with an alternative. This recipe took a lot of trial and error, even now I’m working on perfecting it even more. Updates may come in the near future.

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Rocky Road
married fitness ice cream nutrition

Rocky Road is the first flavor I worked with. Simply because the mixture of so many different flavors, I felt this would be the most difficult flavor to accomplish. Using as many sugar free ingredients as I could this recipe is a healthier alternative that has all the great flavors and texture of real ice cream. With only a few minutes and a few ingredients you may not even wait for this ice cream to freeze before diving in.

8oz. container of sugar free Cool Whip.
Single serve vanilla Greek Yogurt.
Three 2.1oz boxes of sugar free Chocolate Pudding.
Rocky Road Quest Protein Bar.
¼ cup Vanilla Protein Powder(optional)

Chop Rocky Road Protein Bar into small chunks, save some for topping.
Fold(don’t mix) all ingredients into bowl until pudding mixture is completely mixed in.
If you are from the Mid-West you will already be keeping that Cool Whip container, so go ahead and pour the mixture into it.
Let freeze, if you can wait that long.

Cheat Clean Tip: Sprinkle small marshmallows on top! Our kids love the small hot cocoa ones.

ice cream married fitness nutritionmarried fitness ice cream nutrition

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