Simple Ways to Maximize your Workout

Maximize your workout

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Slow burning carbs 1-2 hours pre workout

A workout on an empty stomach is like trying to drive a car without any gas. Eating slow burning carbs 1-2 hours before your workout will give you the energy you need to push yourself to your best. Give your body something to metabolize. Trade in the pre-workout for this simple method and avoid that uncomfortable tingling feeling.

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Snack during

Snacking while working out sounds counterproductive, I know, but keeping your energy up is very important. I don’t mean bring a bag of potato chips with you. Snack smart. A banana in the middle of a workout that starts to feel sluggish will kick your body into overdrive and give your body something to quickly metabolize.

Chew on something

Cinnamon chewing gum or Vitamin C drops are my go to. Not only do they help keep airways clear for easier breathing, they are useful when gritting teeth during heavy lifts. Here are a few benefits of chewing gum, most help greatly during a workout.

Upbeat music

On occasion I will be listening to a great playlist, at the gym, when all of a sudden a slow somber song comes on and just crashes my mood. Do not let this happen. It can completely change the tone of your workout. Keep your music upbeat and fast paced. Dance in the gym if you have to, just have fun. You should be loving what you’re doing.

Sugary fruit immediately after

When you workout your insulin levels drop, glycogen is used from your muscles for energy. Bring your insulin levels back up by snacking on sugary fruit the moment you are finished. Replacing that insulin will maximize how much protein your body absorbs. I noticed a huge difference eating a banana right after my workout. It also helped me not feel sluggish and tired for the rest of the day.

Liquid Protein within 20 minutes 

A protein shake within the first 20 minutes of the completion of your workout is essential for muscle growth. Your body is immediately trying to rebuild the muscles you just tore through strenuous activity. Give those muscles the boost they need! Combine this with your sugary fruit snack to get the most out of your post workout.

Solid protein within 2 hours

Your body is still trying to rebuild those muscles you broke down! Help your muscles rebuild by eating solid proteins within two hours of the end of your workout to maximize your muscle gain. Try lean proteins to give your body the proper nutrients it needs.


It is very important to sleep for maximum growth. Your body will continue to rebuild during sleep. Sleep as much as you possibly can throughout the day to recharge and rebuild. If you don’t try any of the other outlined steps be sure to try this one!

workout married fitnessworkout married fitness

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