Fitness Demotivators and How to Avoid Them

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Fitness Demotivators 

Fitness demotivators can be the breaking point for some people. It’s hard enough finding motivation for the gym when trying to put an unhealthy lifestyle behind you. Focus on avoiding these ten fitness demotivators to keep your energy high and your motivation peaked.

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Married with Fitness: Ten Fitness

Not getting enough sleep

It is absolutely essential you get enough sleep. Whether it be resting after the gym or resting before the gym it is very important you are getting enough sleep. Your sleep is going to help you recharge and recover. Your muscles recover and rebuild while resting, you need your muscles to recover. Sleeping at least 7-9 hours a day will give you the amount of rest you need to stay motivated and stay fit.

Not Staying Hydrated

Water is going to be your best friend. Make it your best friend. Spend every waking moment of your life within an arms length of water. Being dehydrated can stop your motivation fast. Don’t let this happen. There are many studies telling us how much water we need to drink, they all have different numbers. Just continuously drink water.

Uncomfortable clothing

Trying to workout at the gym in uncomfortable clothing is like being 300lbs trying to ride a kids bicycle. Whether it be clothes that are too big or too small you want to keep your focus on your fitness, not pulling your pants up or trying to breathe in clothes that are too tight. Wear comfortable loose clothing that doesn’t restrict your movements.

Letting others intimidate you

Seeing people in the gym that can bench press twice their body weight and run for ten straight miles can be intimidating. It can also be motivational. Don’t let someone else’s strengths be your fitness demotivation. They have worked towards those fitness goals just like you are working towards yours, they didn’t just walk into the gym one day and be able to do all that. The best thing to do would be to ask for their advice, they have things that motivate them that may help you.

Taking the wrong supplements

Taking supplements is an art that needs to be researched before spending large amounts of money. You don’t need pre-workout when just starting to go to the gym. You will waste a lot of money off of someone else’s recommendation that may not be the right product for you. Take your time focusing on avoiding the other fitness demotivators before worrying about supplements.

Bad nutrition

You can’t outwork bad nutrition. If you don’t have good nutrition you will not get the results you desire. Unhealthy food can be a huge fitness demotivator. Good nutritional food can give you the energy and strength you need to stay motivated at the gym and keep you from overeating throughout the day.


A major mistake many people make when they first start going to the gym regularly is overworking themselves. Start slow, start low. Don’t lift too heavy of weight and don’t do too much cardio right off the bat. Slowly work your way up to your goals, there is a lot of road between you and your fitness goals. Make sure you cover all of that road and you will gain the knowledge you need to succeed.


This is a topic that isn’t covered very much in the fitness world. Depression and Stress can be a strong fitness demotivator. Suffering from depression can be a difficult journey itself, it can be even more difficult when trying to reach your fitness goals. I will be writing more in depth about fitness with depression at a later date. All I will say now is fitness and nutrition can be a saving grace when battling depression, stay strong and focus and everything will be fine. Stress can be difficult to deal with as well. While some people deal with their stress in a negative way, the gym can actually be a great stress reliever. Use the gym to push that stress out.

Lack of Immediate Results

Nobody accomplished their goals in a single day. You won’t see results your first day at the gym. Lack of immediate results shouldn’t be a demotivator, it should motivate you to push harder and go farther. You won’t see results immediately, but you will feel results. You will feel better, you will live better.

Bad scheduling

Be sure to schedule time for the gym. Just going in whenever leaves too many excuses open to use. Schedule time for the gym just as you would any other appointment. Make your fitness a part of your schedule, make it a part of your life. Stick to your schedule and avoid this fitness demotivator.


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