Counting Calories: How I Quit Counting and Started Losing Weight

Stop COunting Calories!!

 married fitness - count calories

Counting calories, for me, was one of the reasons I kept giving up on losing weight. I decided to stop counting and finally started losing weight AND keeping it off. My life was a whole lot easier. No more tedious tasks of keeping track of every calorie I consumed. No more meticulous food journal. No more opening an app to log my calories. No more counting calories. And I lost weight. A lot of weight. Over 120 pounds. It melted off. Stop counting calories.

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No more diets

married fitness - counting calories

I have tried every diet you can think of. Some of them multiple times, thinking I didn’t follow instructions appropriately. I finally gave up on restrictive diets and continued to eat as unhealthy as I had before. I started researching new diets, they all looked the same. Do this, don’t do that. Drink lemon water, eat only egg whites, no carbs, don’t eat after 7 p.m., drink 87 gallons of water a day. I had already tried all of these. I was sick of these. Always hungry and feeling very weak I knew I needed to try something different.

That moment it clicked

I put in a lot of time and research into finding the right foods to eat. Do you ever have that moment where things just click? I was looking at a small package of some kind of 100 calorie cookies(because I was counting calories), reading the nutritional information and ingredients. That was when I thought to myself “I don’t even know what half of these ingredients are, much less how to even pronounce them”. My “what if” moment finally came. What if I ate ONLY foods composed of natural ingredients. Actually grown or raised instead of processed in a manufacturing plant with added ingredients. The only restriction I gave myself was very minimally processed(greek yogurt, mustard, smoked meats, etc.) to absolutely unprocessed foods.

How difficult was it?

Married fitness - counting calories

It honestly wasn’t hard. Seriously. The easiest “diet” I had ever tried. And the best part? Bacon. Yep, bacon. Unprocessed beautiful bacon. To hell with any diet that restricts bacon. That isn’t a world I want to live in. Now I didn’t just start shoveling food in my face thinking “why not, I’m not counting calories”. That’s not how anybody should eat. I spent six weeks eating nothing but unprocessed food and eating each meal until I was full. The difference this time was the quality of the food I was eating, no more processed breads, pastas, pre-made meals, processed sugars, NOTHING processed. No soda. No sauces, except mustard and hot sauce. No dressing, only Extra Virgin Olive Oil. No fast food, not even a salad. All clean food. Tons of meat, oats, rice, fruit, and vegetables. Think what was around 400 years ago. The food was great because I didn’t eat the same thing everyday, there is so much unprocessed food when you actually look. I was more full after eating and stayed fuller longer because of the quality, and I didn’t have to count calories AT ALL. Getting my wife on board wasn’t hard either, I needed the support.

Taking care of yourself

It was great eating delicious food and learning new ways to cook. The most important part is to season your food, buy different seasonings so it’s never bland or boring. All it took was a little research and a little time to cook. “But I don’t have time to cook!” Find time instead of wasting time counting calories. Eat protein, slow burning carbs, vegetables, good fats, and plenty of water and you’ll never count calories again. I haven’t counted a single calorie in two and a half years and have lost over 120 pounds and am in the best shape of my life.


Stop Counting Calories!!
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Stop Counting Calories!!
How I stopped counting calories and started losing weight!
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Married with Fitness
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