Home Workouts: Ten Workouts for Busy Parents

Home Workouts

Sometimes life gets in the way of fitness. Actually a lot of the time it does. Not all of us can find time to get to the gym even for a small amount of time. Jess and I, on many occasions, have conflicting schedules whereas we aren’t able to make it to the gym. We put together our top ten home workouts to keep you motivated, moving, and healthy. These workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home, even while multitasking household chores. Give these ten workouts a try and let us know your favorite at home workouts.

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Her top five at home workouts


Planks are a very popular exercise for building those six pack abs everybody wants. They also strengthen your back, shoulder, thighs, and butt. There are multiple variations that strengthen different muscles making Planks a must for any home workout.


If Pilates and Yoga had a child it would be Piyo. Piyo is low impact, high speed, fat burning workout that elevates your heart rate without the heavy impact of a lot of popular cardio workouts. Piyo averages about 30 minutes making it as easy at home workout to fit into your busy schedule.


Plyometric training is all about exerting maximum force in short time intervals. Plyo is great for increasing speed, improving power, and strengthening overall athletic performance. Try a quick 15 minute Plyo home workout to quickly get your heart rate up and burn fat fast.

Shadow Boxing

Married fitness home workouts

Shadow boxing is sparring with an imaginary opponent. The best part about shadow boxing is not getting punched back. Shadow boxing is a great way to get your heart rate elevated and burn fat. Using resistance bands or a heavy bag can give you extra resistance to burn even more calories.


married fitness home workouts

Yoga is a great at home workout for meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation. Using body postures and proper breathing yoga is great for overall health and relaxing your mind and muscles. Pick up a yoga mat to stay comfortable. Try Bikram Yoga for an intense fat burning yet relaxing workout.

His top five at home workouts

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are great for working out with an opposing force without the use of heavy weights and machinery. Not just a tool for stretching resistance training can build muscle, get your heart rate elevated, and burn fat quickly, In addition resistance bands also help with your overall joint movements. Be sure to buy thick good quality resistance bands so they don’t break in the middle of a workout.

Ab Work

Abs are the end all of muscles that everyone wants. The best way to get highly visible abs is through proper nutrition. Ab workouts will NOT give you visible abs if your nutrition is not where it needs to be. Strengthening your abs is still a must for everyone whereas they are useful for many other workouts. Try planks, pull ups, ab rollers, and leg lifts to work your abs and strengthen your core.

Body Weight Movements

married fitness home workouts

Body weight movements is one of my favorite gym and home workouts. I developed a love for using my own body weight to strength train watching gymnastics. Forget about only using push ups and pull ups when working with your own weight, try jumping jacks, body weight squats, planks, walking lunges, and floor crawls for an all around workout at home.

Elevated Push ups

I included elevated pushups simply because of the convenience of fitting in this small exercise everyday. While cooking dinner for the kids I will simply use the kitchen counter to quickly do 50 elevated pushups and continue on until I have another couple minutes to fit these in. Try placing your hands wider apart for added resistance and to work many upper body muscle groups.


Married Fitness Home workouts

I almost didn’t include burpees simply because they absolutely suck to do, anyone and everyone that has done burpees will tell you. They suck. Despite this fact they are one of the greatest home workouts that work your entire body and elevate your heart rate. You should be doing burpees. Lots of them. This should actually be at the top of the list but I am going to leave it here to not scare anybody away from this post.married fitness nutrition



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