Healthy Eating: Protein Banana Pancakes

Healthy eating can be difficult to do when surrounded by convenient processed foods. Knowing how to prepare healthy foods with common ingredients can give you the help you need when trying to lose weight. Research the ingredients of your favorite foods and take the time to find healthier alternatives to those ingredients. Making a small change with your everyday eating can give you that edge you need to keep going and continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating CAN happen with your favorite foods.

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Healthy Eating: Protein Banana Pancakes  Healthy Eating Protein Banana Pancakes

Pancakes are an all around breakfast favorite and hard to give up if when trying to eat healthier. They don’t have to be a sacrifice when trying to lose weight. With a few simple ingredients this recipe will quickly become one of your favorite healthy meals.

Ingredients you will need:
One Medium Banana
Two Large Eggs
Vanilla Protein Powder(optional)
Fresh Fruits(optional)
Honey(in place of Syrup)

In a medium sized bowl:
Mash banana until no chunks remain. Whisk two large eggs into the banana “mush” until a light froth produces. For a fluffier, thicker pancake whisk in a tablespoon of vanilla protein powder. For a waffle thickness add more protein powder until desired thickness is reached.

Cook mixture just as you would a normal pancake, flipping when the bottom side turns golden brown. Serve with fresh fruit, honey, and a spoon full of vanilla Greek Yogurt. Sprinkle Chia Seeds over the top for those extra essential nutrients. The nutritional value varies with the amount of ingredients added. Be mindful of processed sugars like syrup and unhealthy fats like margarine.

Healthy Eating

The cooked pancakes(or waffles) make for a great healthy breakfast and can be frozen for an inexpensive meal prep. Experiment with the ingredients to find the flavors you love, our next add in will be Birthday Cake Protein Powder.

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