Healthy Foods You Need To Add To Your Meal

Add these 7 healthy foods to your meal

It can be difficult keeping track of all the nutrients your body needs to maintain healthy eating. You may be eating clean foods but are you getting enough essential nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle? The following list will help you sneak in those nutrients without damaging the wonderful flavors of your food. Let us know what your favorite nutrient rich foods are and how you fit them into your favorite meals!

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Chia Seeds

Healthy Foods Chia

At 138 Calories per ounce Chia Seeds pack 11 grams of Dietary Fiber, 4.4 Grams of Protein, and loads of good fatty acids. The tiny seeds are gelatinous absorbing liquids and creating a gel ball that surrounds the seed, they are an easy addition to desserts, salads, or smoothies and can be easily consumed by soaking in a glass of water. At around $10 for a 2½ bag Chia Seeds make for an inexpensive healthy food. Chia pudding is a favorite healthy breakfast or snack that can be easily made, with few ingredients, to your taste and keep you full for hours.

Ground Flax Seed

healthy food flax seeds

One ounce contains 8 grams of Fiber, 6 grams of Protein, Omega-3’s, and a good amount of Iron, Potassium, and Zinc. With only 110 calories per ounce adding a tablespoon to any meal won’t harm your calorie intake. Flax Seed can be added to nearly any food and makes a great substitution for eggs, be sure to buy Ground Flax Seed as it is easier to digest. At less that $8 for 24 ounces Ground Flax Seed makes for another inexpensive healthy food.


healthy food tvp

Textured Vegetable Protein is my absolute favorite way to add extra nutrients to many different foods without adding a large amount of calories. One-Fourth of a cup contains only 80 calories with 12 grams of Protein, 4 grams of Dietary Fiber, 15% Daily Value of Iron, and 8% Daily Value of Calcium. TVP has the texture of Baco’s Bacon Bits, but with a light brown color, making this an easy nutrient packed replacement in a salad. TVP is the most frugal protein source I have found, my local grocery store sells a 10oz bag(132 total grams of Protein) for less than $3. TVP can be found in bulk orders online at a great price as well.

Hemp Seeds

healthy food hemp food

Hemp Seeds are one of my go to additions for yogurts and oats. They pack 12 grams of Protein in a single ounce! With 3 grams of Omega-3, 7.5 grams of Omega-6, and 1 gram of Dietary Fiber with just 161 calories adding a tablespoon of this superfood to any meal will sneak in those nutrients your body needs. Hemp Seeds have a wonderful flavor and aren’t too expensive considering the benefits of this all around superfood.

Greek Yogurt

healthy food greek yogurt

Greek Yogurt is great for a quick low calorie(130 per serving) high protein(23 grams) snack that can be used in many different foods including as an alternative to its unhealthy counterparts. Plain Greek Yogurt makes for a great alternative to sour cream and can be mixed with many different flavors, try green onions and a splash of pickled jalapeño juice mixed in. Mix in fruits and freeze for a great frozen yogurt snack. Experiment with different flavors and foods to get the protein benefit of Greek Yogurt.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

healthy food evoo

Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes this list simply for its monounsaturated fat content. 75% of the fat is monounsaturated, your body needs these good fats to help absorb essential nutrients. EVOO is calorie dense at 119 calories per tablespoon so be careful as to how much you consume on a daily basis. Though it is a high calorie food its essential fats make EVOO an essential healthy food.


healthy food avocado

Avocados are another high calorie(234 calories per cup) high good fat food(up 18 grams). Not only are Avocados great for the fat content they are delicious on many different foods, making them a favorite for any mealtime. Be on the lookout for great deals whereas Avocados can be very expensive depending on the season, unfortunately “stocking up” is also difficult due to them quickly ripening.


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