Fitness Activities to Keep Your Children Moving!

Fitness Activities to keep your children movingfamily fitness activities

Jess and I love involving our children in our health and fitness lifestyle. We don’t take them to the gym to lift weights with us, but we do many activities that children can be involved in. Involving our children in our healthy lifestyle is important to us and will benefit them later in life. Here is a list of our favorite fitness activities that our children love.

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Rock Climbing

Family fitness climbing

Indoor Bouldering tops our list due to the intense workout and overall fun we have with our kids. And what child doesn’t like to climb stuff? We can spend hours at our nearest climbing gym simply climbing up and down every wall they have. This is a full body workout that will leave your children exhausted yet wanting to go back for more. For less than the price of a movie ticket this activity is a great alternative to sitting around munching on junk food.


family fitness kayaking

Kayaking is a great upper body workout and an even better excuse to get out on the water under the sun. The same basic muscle movements are involved with smaller child sized kayaks giving your children the same basic workout you would get rowing along side them. Spending hours racing from one end of a lake to the other can give you and your children an amazing cardio workout while also being able to jump in the water for a swim. Kayaking also teaches children balance and coordination which is useful for many other fitness related activities. Children’s kayaks can be found at a reasonable price and last years before your child grows out of it.


family fitness hiking

The most frugal activity that children can participate in is hiking. This is one of our favorites because we love to teach our children about nature and let them appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. Our favorite way to take them hiking is finding a nearby waterfall and NOT telling them about it, simply stating we are going on a hike and having lunch. We pack a picnic then set out on our hike, after they find the perfect walking sticks of course. The surprise on their face when they realize that noise they kept hearing during our hike was a waterfall is priceless. Looking up nearby waterfalls online is the easiest way to plan an all day fitness activity.

Laser Tag

Outdoors or Indoors Laser Tag can make for an eventful few hours. An upgrade from Nerf Guns without the mess of losing darts all over the place, we found a Laser Tag set without vests so the children don’t have the weight holding them back. Play every one for themselves or teams, either way you will have hours of fun while keeping the entire family active. Be sure to buy rechargeable batteries so your hours of cardio isn’t cut short.

Bicycle Ride

The most basic yet most popular fitness activity for children is riding bicycles. We all remember riding around the streets stopping by a friends house to pick them up on the way to our great summer bike rides. Our children love going on family bike rides, even if we run alongside as they ride. If you want to get in some extra cardio but can’t make it to the gym riding or running along side your children during a bike ride will get your heart rate up and get everyone out moving.


Children's fitness Yoga
This is not Yoga, this is what happens after Yoga.

Yes Yoga for children. Not only is Yoga a great way to stretch and get your heart rate up but it is absolutely adorable when children participate. Children’s Yoga is a very common practice we like to regularly engage in with our children we use if for a fun family exercise, for a more serious experience you can find DVD’s, books, and even bedtime stories. Our children love participating and even practice on their own. Provide them a Yoga Mat and a quite place to get the most benefit from this child friendly fitness activity.

Martial Arts

Children's Fitness Martial Arts

Like all children our kids love watching Movies and TV shows with characters that practice Martial Arts and save the day. Our kids jump up after watching swinging and kicking all around the living room, thats when we put on protective gear and have fun rolling around without them getting hurt. Martial Arts can teach them discipline while also teaching them to defend themselves, and makes for a great after school activity. I am a firm believer that studying Martial Arts at a young age prevents them from bullying by teaching them to find alternatives to violence.





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